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Infp characters in tv shows

Idealistic and filled with imagination, they are filled with a desire to see their values and insights replicated in the real world.

15 INFJ Characters in Movies, TV Shows & Books

My best friends are in the barn cellar. It is a very sociable place. Not at all lonely.

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Even in the face of overwhelming adversity, Frodo is able to keep fighting against darkness and temptation in order to do what he believes is right.

His good heart is what draws Gandalf to him and it is the one thing that separates him from everyone else who could have carried the ring and failed to destroy it. INFPs will relate to the kind-spiritedness and value-driven nature of Frodo, as well as his love of stories and his loyalty to his friends. Like a tear on a cheek. Think of that and of me when you stand in the rain. I loved you completely. And you loved me the same.

The rest is confetti. Unlike most of her siblings, she chases her curiosity down and faces her inner darkness instead of becoming detached, distracted, or repressed. She follows her heart, but still struggles to share her feelings openly. While her feelings are deep and nuanced within, because of her introverted feeling side, she struggles to make sense of them for others. Her insights and intuition allow her to sense truths about Hill House that her other siblings are blind to.

Anne is driven by her imagination and enjoys creating little stories in her mind and acting them out with her friends.

Nobody can dissuade her from what she holds dear and nobody can put out the spark of her imagination. These are all traits that make NFPs some of the most endearing and exciting people to be around. Curious, imaginative, and driven by a sense of wonder and adventure, Belle is the quintessential INFP.

Her love of reading is also something most INFPs will relate to. While you might think Tamaki is cowardly because of how he faces a wall whenever he feels humiliated or nervous, his bravery makes him stand out on the battlefield where he faces formidable villains with courage and selflessness. Like many INFPs, Amajiki underestimates his own talents and abilities and often feels overwhelmed by the fast-paced, competitive nature of the world around him.

She looked back over her shoulder and there, between the dark tree trunks, she could still see the open doorway of the wardrobe and even catch a glimpse of the empty room from which she had set out. Of all her siblings, she is the most in touch with wonder, magic, and the ability to believe in goodness and the fantastical world.One great thing about looking at character personality types is that it helps us to better understand people who have different types than we do.

Fictional INFPs can serve as examples for what real-life INFPs might be like, and also show how much variation can exist between individuals with the same type. Al is a sensitive, sweet young man with great strength of character.

The Myers-Briggs Types of 202 Fictional Characters

As such, he makes decisions based on what feels right to him. It involves a life-long process of checking in with oneself, figuring out who you are, and finding the right way to navigate an often confusing world. Either way, Anne is proof of why NFP types are so often described as imaginative dreamers.

The combination of Introverted Feeling and Extroverted Intuition makes for a highly individual and creative way of looking at the world. Anne often puzzles the people around her with her vivid imagination and by the depth and creativity of ideas she shares. Like so many other INFPs, Belle from Beauty and the Beast places a high value on internal harmony and is more concerned with her inner moral code than with external expectations.

Her Introverted Feeling is a decision making function that is deeply in touch with her own personal feelings. As an intuitive, Belle is interested in abstract patterns and conceptual ideas. Staying true to himself and to the people he loves is the most important thing to him. My post about him on my other blog, Star Wars Personalities, is over 2, words long.

One of the things I love about Star Wars, especially with the addition of The Last Jediis that we get to see characters struggling with flaws in ways that are uniquely personal to them. I like including at least one superhero on these types of postsand for this one we have Scarlet Witch. Her ability to manipulate reality seems like a very NP sort of power, since Extroverted Intuition is all about Exploring the outer world and figuring what makes it work and how it can be manipulated.

Like many INFP, Wanda is a creative, unique, and people-oriented individual with strong personal values. Her personality and experiences give her the perspective and desire to understand other people, no matter how strange they seem.

And she can use that ability against others if they stand in the way of what she thinks is right or to connect with them as she does when falling in love with Vision. What did you think of this list? This is a good list.

Like Liked by 1 person. Luke seems to me like such a perfect example of an INFP hero. He and Belle were the first characters I knew I wanted to include in this post. Like Like. Yes for everything except living of LOVE. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.In the Myers-Briggs typeology system, there are sixteen personality types consisting of four letters: E for extrovert or I for introvert, S for sensor or N for intuitive, T for thinker or F for feeler, and P for perceiver or J for judger.

You can read more about Myers-Briggs here and find books about it here. Just for fun, here are the Myers-Briggs characters: types for a whole lot of fictional characters. ESTJs are traditionalists who like to take charge of situations. They are pragmatic and like things to be organized and clear.

They are driven by a need to analyze and bring order to the world. ESFJs are outgoing and community-minded people who value loyalty, dependability, and practicality. They are driven by an active and intense caring about people along with a strong desire to bring harmony to their relationships.

ISFJs are quiet, caring, and dependable people who have a strong sense of personal responsibility. They are realistic and excellent organizers. ISTJs are logical pragmatists with a strong sense of personal responsibility. They take their work seriously and pay great attention to detail. ISTPs are driven by a desire to understand how things work.

They are logical and realistic people who enjoy solving problems in a hands-on way. ISFPs are the quintessential free spirit. They feel deeply and often have an adventurous approach to life.

They are quiet, adaptable, and compassionate. ESFPs are enthusiastic about having new experiences and meeting new people. They are warm and adaptable realists who prefer to go with the flow.

12 Fictional Characters You’ll Relate to if You’re an INFP

ESTPs are enthusiastic adventurers and realists who accept the world as it is and focus on enjoying new activities and challenges.

ENTPs love new ideas and possibilities and are excited by innovation. They are energetic, enthusiastic, and spontaneous people with a deep need to understand the world around them. INTPs have a deep need to make sense of the world and are generally logical, analytical, and emotionally detached. They enjoy new ideas and are adaptable in their lifestyle, if not always their thinking.

INTJs are idea people, driven by their inner world of possibilities and a deep need to understand the world around them. They are logical, systematic thinkers who enjoy turning their visions into reality. ENTJs are forceful personalities who excel at conceptual strategy and executing plans. They are future-oriented and natural leaders. ENFJs care intensely about people and are driven by a need for relational harmony.Even though INFJs are very rare, some of them are hiding in plain sight!

7 Things That INFP Experience As Children (the mediator personality type)

There are many characters that you may be familiar with that are more or less INFJ. Unfortunately not all of them are perfect. They have flaws, as we all do. Some of us, me included, had a hard enough time figuring out our own personality types. I found multiple conflicting reports for most of the characters listed here, but I used my best judgment, as I hope you will too before you decide to write and tell me how wrong I am about Elizabeth Bennet and how she must be ENFP because she was excited about going to the ball.

I also love that she loves to spar with Joe Fox and that she stands her ground. And even in the midst of failure she picks herself up and dreams a new dream. I love this movie and I hate it. I see myself in it. I have made it through hell, but am not quite to the other side yet. He keeps going back and keeps finding a way to make it work. No matter what comes at him he keeps going, all the while making sure his son has what he needs and has the best education that he possibly can.

Harley is in the business of helping people, working for an asylum. She falls hopelessly in love with the Joker and does everything she can to help him. Even though he treats her poorly, even trying to kill her at one point, she is still loyal to him and convinced he loves her.

He thinks with his head and his heart. We can get down to business when we need too. Andy feels like an INFJ because she has big dreams and a plan. She knows what she needs to do to get what she wants.

So she takes a job that she hates, with a nasty boss and makes it work. Not only is she absolutely amazing at her job, able to figure things out as she goes, but she takes on a whole new personality while she is there. I have felt the same way. Everything changed for me when I found my purpose, the reason that I was put on this Earth.

You can find your purpose too! Download my free guide to find your purpose today! This is probably the only show that I have watched through so much heartbreak and so much change, but I keep showing up. I have to say that I never really liked Karev until recently. He is attracted to broken people like a magnet. I thought he was awful at first, wanting to be all McSteamy and plastics. But then Arizona came along and he has been all about the babies since.

And Dr. Webber is the backbone of the hospital. And he can adapt to whoever is in front of him needing advice. They are my favorite storyline of Downton Abbey. I can see Mr. Bates being INFJ because he is very loyal and wants to help everyone.

Also, he went to great lengths to fix his injured leg also without asking for help. Luke is such a sweet person.The INFP is well known for being shy, reserved, or just quiet.

infp characters in tv shows

But what makes them unique and well sought out is their optimism and ability to look for the best in people or situations. They're not often the stars or center of attention in tv shows and are often a secondary character or a wise one that helps the protagonists.

They can be fan-favorites that we all can't help but cheer for or invest our time into.

infp characters in tv shows

Looking at our favorite tv shows, here are the top 10 characters with INFP qualities. Samwell Tarley is the definition of a loyal and reliable friend. He joined the Knight's Watch in an attempt to make his family proud despite having no experience or desire to learn to kill and fight. His expertise was in knowledge and reading books, often being the voice of reason fro a young Jon Snow.

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Samwell is a textbook INFP, he's quiet and timid, but his love for his friends and family motivate him to be the best hope for defeating the army of the undead. He may seem like a coward, but he made some pretty heroic moves that helped make him a respected hero in the end.

Pam had a lot of growth throughout the show, starting off a soft-spoken and shy character and becoming more outspoken and idealistic as she came out of her shell. Pam displays a lot of INFP qualities that define her as a character, such as creativity she was pursuing artidealistic she became a sort of mentor for a younger Erinand dedication she went from receptionist to somewhat successful saleswoman.

He gave off a wrong first impression but as the show progressed, he became a lovable and awkward dork we all grew to love. Ted is a hopeless romantic, basically falling head over heels over every girl he meets in the show and taking the losses even harder.

One negative INFP trait is self-pity and being impractical and Ted displays that in just about every episode, it takes his friends a long time to cheer him up and it takes a while for him to get over someone even if its just a few dates. Quentin wasn't always the confident hero we saw in his final season before he discovered he was a wizard, he was a depressed man with nothing going for him. Once he discovers his magic abilities, he becomes a source of hope for his friends and a source of inspiration for the magic world around him all the way until his untimely death at the end of season 5.

She may not have all the INFP qualities, as she is charismatic and very popular in school, but she does have a determination to master witchcraft and she is loyal to her friends. Despite being social, she is still very secretive about her life and that makes her hard to read.

She's altruistic to a fault, just like an INFP. For a general of the Fire Nation army and rightful heir to the throne, Iroh is the complete opposite. He's very spiritual and open-minded, often offering advice to his nephew and friends, and always trying to avoid violence or confrontations.

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He is also the last glimpse of hope for Zuko who struggles to find who he really is. As an angel, he doesn't really feel human emotions and he is not up to date on regular lingo which results in some hilarious moments. What makes him n INFP is his unwavering belief in God despite all he goes through and his dedication to his friends which he considers family.

He may be the fastest man alive but what drives Barry Allen is his unwavering optimism and hope for a better tomorrow. It's what's driven him to be the best hero he can be and made him the symbol of hope for Central City and all those who feel oppressed by crime or corruption.

Barry is rather introverted, only having a select amount of friends and constantly carrying the burden of having a secret identity.Want to be inspired by an ENFP on the big screen? Fictional ENFPs can seem larger-than-life with their unique ability to inspire, explore, and test the boundaries. Simply watching a movie with an ENFP in it can make you see the world in a different way — things that were once gray are now shining and full of possibility.

I hope you take some time to watch the movies or shows listed in this article! Not sure what your personality type is? Often impulsive, she believes in sticking up for her values and ideas even when others mock or scorn her. She imbues the world around her with meaning and beauty because she sees things that other people fail to visualize. Unwilling to comply with social norms, she chases after her dream of becoming a writer, even when society and Aunt March frown on her.

She sees layers of meaning in the world around her and enjoys imagining colorful stories, both shocking and sweet. Grandpa Joe approaches life with curiosity, wonder, and imagination.

He inspires Charlie to believe in his dreams, even when the world around him seems desolate and hopeless. Kind but rebellious, Pippi Longstocking was revolutionary in the way she broke with conventional ideas about how girls should behave.

I like them. Good morning! Pippi frequently points out the absurdities of social conventions and saves children from adult laws that seem meaningless to her. Wizard Howl longs for a life of freedom and creativity. As a talented wizard, he can transform into a large beast with black feathers whenever he feels unsafe or just wants to get out of an uncomfortable situation. Like many ENFPs, he shows his deeper feelings through actions more than effusive words.

She has a sense of adventure, something that undoubtedly draws her future husband, Carl, to her. Although she might have seemed a little brusque and rough as a child, she has a gentle, kind heart.

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She yearns to discover new things and saves whatever money she can so that she can travel to South America. However, as she becomes older, she puts a lot of her dreams aside to pay the bills and keep their house from literally falling apart.

Even when life is difficult, Ellie never loses her tender heart and her sense of fun and imagination. Even with her unpredictable, reckless behavior, Kruczynski still has the insight and fun-loving spirit that ENFPs are famous for and many an ENFP has recommended her to me for this post.

Keating awakens the imagination and individuality of his students. His charismatic, energetic demeanor and his belief in free-thinking are traits that nearly any ENFP will strongly identify with. Deeply devoted to her cause, Nymphadora believes in the importance of justice, honor, and equality.

infp characters in tv shows

She frequently puts her life on the line in order to help others and will stop at nothing to support Dumbledore. Her strong-willed, passionate nature guides her into some murky literally situations, but her longing for a world beyond the predictable is something any ENFP will understand.

While his younger brother Ian is small, quiet, and shy, Barley is anything but. He embraces his quirks and individuality as well as his love of magic. While many other types would have quickly given up on magic or other fantastical pursuits, Barley is unafraid to pursue his ideas.

Whenever a tough situation presents itself, he finds an innovative solution and presses on. Charismatic, impulsive, and restless, Patrick experiences many of the struggles that LGBTQ teens continually face in high school. But even with all his struggles, Patrick has uncanny insights about people, acceptance towards others, and a hunger for a world beyond the predictable, small-minded ways of his town.The past decade saw a surge of genre shows that flooded networks, cable channels, and streaming services.

So, here are five genre shows they will love - and five to skip. Based on the Michael Crichton novel and its film adaptations, Westworld tackles a technologically advanced future and raises ethical discussions about artificial intelligence and humanity. And the third season expands the mythology of the outside world. While they have their dose of heavy themes, INFPs will be fascinated with the steadiness of the engrossing visuals and the poetic personality of its characters. It tells the story of alcoholic journalist Camille Preaker Amy Adams who returns to her hometown to cover the story of two murders.

But she becomes an unwilling subject under the eyes of her vain mother Patricia Clarkson. INFPs will easily pine for Camille for her unwavering resilience. However, when it comes to discussing her personal demons, it becomes a tabloid-like dive to her psychologically torn psyche that is too excessive for them.

It centers on the adventures of Hilda Bella Ramsey around the city of Trolberg, where she encounters different ranges of fantastical creatures and Miyazaki -like supernatural occurrences.

Because of its imaginative world-building and enriching coming-of-age themes, INFPs will instantly fall in love with this animated series, despite its intended audience.

Hilda has this daring spirit yet altruistic character that makes her adventures, whether good or risky, truly engrossing. Like any edgy fantasy show on its time, its most notable elements are its gory violence, explicit elements, and excessive brutality that not a single character stands out. And INFPs will not see any character or plot to gravitate towards.

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Based on the Dark Horse comic series, this series centers on seven dysfunctional superpowered step-siblings who investigate the death of their stepfather and an oncoming threat.

While this show glorifies its relentless violence, The Umbrella Academy gives an empathetic look on superheroes coming from diverse backgrounds. Russian Doll is a subversive mystery-comedy about a woman named Nadia Natasha Lyonne who finds herself in an inescapable time loop of her 36th birthday party in New York City.

And on every loop, she encounters a new scenario that hints to the mystery behind her Groundhog Day scenario. And while the time-looping scenario gets creative, the tonal shifts hinder that.

Its blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror makes it a capable outlet to discussing timeless political commentary and societal themes. Star Trek is the greatest undisputed staple of cinematic space opera in television history. And there are numerous shows and spinoffs for INFPs to relish over.

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However, they are most likely to think twice over Discovery. While it retains its adventurous world-building, the show is less poetic and character-driven that it becomes insubstantial.