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Patch pes 2016 update 2018

Link download yang lain kan sudah disediakan. Lagian sudah saya tes barusan bisa ko, gak ada masalah tuh. Bang patch yg ini bisa dipasangin facepack lagi gk? Soalnya sya mau tmbahin biar mirip facenya. Bang kalo punya sy udah pake patch professional v5. Tinggal download v5. Kalo mau ngasih saran dan masukkan silakan ke facebook yang ada dipostingan. Untuk masalah face bisa ente update sendiri. Sama sekali tidak terima request link! Link rusak?

Laporkan link yang mati dibawah postingan. Selain itu salah satu fitur unggulang dari PES Professionals Patch dilengkapi dengan Selector yang digunakan untuk mempermudah jalannya permainan.

Update 5. Tinggal jalankan setup sebagai administrator dan arahkan kelokasi folder game Pro Evolution Soccer Setelah selesai, kalian ekstrak update 5.

Lakukan hal yang sama untuk update versi v5. Tinggal jalankan installer dan arahkan kelokasi yang sama.

(PES 2016) Patch PTE 6.0 : Download + Install

Setelah selesai bisa dimainkan lewat selector. Changelog v5. Note :. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis!

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Berbagi ke Twitter Berbagi ke Facebook. Unknown 11 September RambutAcak 24 September Thor 2 Oktober Unknown 4 Desember I cant open my settings file to configure my USB controllers. How can I make it work? Everything is great But I have problem settings won't open when I install this patch.

Plz answer I need solutions for fixing this problem. I tried with turning off antivirus avast, and still wont open settings. I have problem is i can't open file setting. Can u help me resolve it? Don't expect much.


For Faces you can use PES faces. You can also import PES Database but you have to update it by your own.

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Rules : 1. Use English! Your comment won't be shown if you're not using English!. Don't spam. Report dead link! This is the new update patch from Micano4u. The patch is only for Pro Evolution Soccer game. You can see all the features below. Extract the patch with WinRAR, run setup. Point the installation location to the Pro Evolution Soccer game folder.

Unknown September 22, at AM. Unknown January 25, at PM. Unknown October 15, at PM. Oki Paramarta December 13, at PM. Unknown January 2, at AM.

PES 2016 Next Season Patch 2019

Unknown February 3, at AM.Kalau sebelumnya udah pake PTE Patch apakah bisa ditimpa instalasinya ya gan? Gan kok saya gak bisa buka dptfilelist untuk ambil datanya ya?

patch pes 2016 update 2018

Mohon bantuannya Gan. Atau bisa juga diubah via System Settings PES biasanya gambar geartutorialnya ya sama kayak ubah english ke arab tapi dibalik, coba cari video di youtube biar lebih jelas. Gan kan ane hbs instal nih kok malah has stoped bang Sblmnya ane terinstal patch 6. Mana buktinya kalo gak bisa?

Udah dijelasin dipostingan, kalo masih gak paham ya cari di Youtube udah banyak. Gan ko setelah selesai instal patch, malah gak bisa masuk ke setting. Terima kasih. Link download udah disediain dipostingan, tinggal lewatin iklan sekali doang.

PES 2016 Next Season Patch 2019 [ World Cup 2018 ]

Lagian banyak yang bisa dan udah coba tuh. Jadi gak ada masalah. Gan kenapa punya saya setiap update option file selalu close program,jadi saya pake yang transfer musim panasnya aja. Ente pake OF punya sapa? Ente udah pernah pake patch gak? Kalo udah pernah dihapus dulu patchnya, kalo belom pernah pake patch ya tinggal langsung pake patch diatas.

patch pes 2016 update 2018

Min sukses trus ya, makasih bantuan update tanya2 dsb. Sangat diapresiasi, tetap berkarya. Abis option file ini masih ada update lagi ga min buat patchnya,? Soalnya masih bbrp bug, face pemain kaya mane, allison, karius, van dijk, fred, lemar dll juga masih kw alias ori pesnya.Hi there!

Ecuador's team players are not the ones proposed in the patch. Can I edit it? Is it will work for the first version of game? I dont make any updates to the game. I think this is a great patch and i really need it. Please can you give zippyshare links because i have slow connection. Thank you. You know, zippyshare is limited, they limit their upload size to MB, i won't waste my time to upload 25 Part of files to Zippyshare. Do I need to download all versions of the professionals to work?

Do you have all the versions? Rules : 1. Use English! Your comment won't be shown if you're not using English!.

patch pes 2016 update 2018

Don't spam. Report dead link!

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The advantages of PESProfessionals Patch is features a fairly complete as many stadiums, nice jersey, and the gameplay is fairly good.

Changelog v5. Unknown July 18, at AM. Victor Brito October 13, at PM. Unknown November 5, at PM. Unknown November 7, at AM. Unknown November 6, at AM. Unknown November 13, at PM. Unknown January 19, at PM. Unknown February 1, at PM. Unknown July 15, at PM. Unknown October 19, at AM. Unknown February 17, at AM. PES Stadium Server v1.Preview : on youtube. Features : Update Summer Transfers Click Ok to close the application. I am getting this issue.

All the installation is done as mentioned as per video and your comment. The installation completes perfectly but while starting game the above mentioned Comment appears. Plz help me. Plz any helps or let me know the whole installation process again. The application was unable to start correctly 0xc Click Ok to close the application how to fix it. Brazilian League and South America leagues, stay good?

Update the south america leagues? Help, Cant choose world cup and other, have follow all the instructions, but the problem still happen. Just downloaded this update, and it seems working in Steam. Players were correct of Barnsley and Millwall. Also team logos in Game Plan were correct. So, is this your mistake, or did I make something wrong when updating?

Got the game working in Steam. Tested both Exhibition game and career mode. The same thing happened — game went OK to the end of first half. Then players start walking towards locker rooms, something happens!

Sound is still OK. One second later game crashes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. PES Patch. I download file 1 but when i extract the file is setup 2. I have a problem …. Please help!! Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!Share with your friends. Patch Update Loading SP18 v3 is converted from SP21 v3, there are differences between the games so there are changes made to run without errors, see restrictions below.

In pes 18, teams cannot have more than 32 players as a maximum in the teams, many teams have near 40 players, these players are mostly youth players and are moved as free agents. In pes18, the game cannot handle the current number of players in the database, the player's number is limited to around players only, the original SP21 database has most players deleted have low rates from free agents.

In pesthe game cannot handle the current number of teams in the database, the slots are limited to around teams only registrable in the edit filethe original SP21 database has most of the players from the removed teams can be found as free agents. The leagues in pes18 are less than the newer games, there are leagues that are not available in SP18, famous teams from these leagues are moved to other teams, teams from brazil's second division are removed.

This addon is pre-installed in v3, no need to apply this addon as it will be installed automatically with sp18 v3 The other addons should work fine, some will get new versions, be sure to read the details of the addon to have any needed information about the addon and its compatibility.

PES SmokePatch Extract patch files get all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders and be sure you do not get any errors.

Run smokepatch Popular posts. Subscribe If you like articles on this blog, please subscribe for updating article via email.Game Totals Odd or Even - If there is no score all bets will be settled as Even.

Series BettingSeries winner is team with highest combined score from both tests. First Scoring PlayOwn goals, overs and behinds will count as first scoring play. Highest Scoring QuarterQuarter with highest combined score of both teams will be deemed the winner. First Quarter BettingThe First quarter must be completed for bets to have action.

Motor Racing (Cars)FORMULA ONE RACINGAll race bets are settled on the official classification from the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the sport's governing body, at the time of the podium presentation. Drivers ChampionshipEach participant is priced to be the top driver over the Formula 1 season in accordance with Drivers Championship standings, and rules as specified by the FIA. Constructors ChampionshipEach participant is priced to be the top constructor over the Formula 1 season in accordance with Constructors Championship standings, and rules as specified by the FIA.

Individual Grand Prix BettingAll drivers who start the formation lap are deemed as runners.

PES 2018 Smoke Patch 18.3.0 AIO + Update 18.3.1 Season 2020/2021

Qualification MarketsOfficial qualifying times as recorded by the FIA will be used for settlement. Fastest Driver in Every Qualifying PhasePredict whether an individual driver will be the fastest qualifier in all 3 phases of qualifying. Fastest Qualifying StagePredict which qualifying phase will produce the fastest qualifying time. Start of the RaceThe start of any race is defined as the signal to start the formation lap. Highest Finishing PositionIf both drivers fail to complete the race then the driver completing the most laps will be deemed the winner.

Finishing Position MarketsIf both drivers fail to complete the race then the driver completing the most laps will be deemed the winner. Team PointsBets will be settled on the combined points total of both drivers within a manufacturer's team. Race Match BettingBets will be settled on the official classification at the time of podium presentation. Winning CarAll cars will be deemed as runners.

Fastest LapThe official FIA result at the time of the podium presentation for the race will be used.

patch pes 2016 update 2018

Will There Be a Safety Car Period During the Race. Race Group BettingThe winner is the driver achieving the highest placing at the time of the podium presentation. First Driver to Retire (Formation Lap Counts)Driver must start 1st formation lap. First Constructor Retirement (Formation Lap Counts)Bets will have action once the 1st formation lap starts.

Handicap BettingEach driver's handicap is applied to their race time. First Lap MarketsBets are settled on the first completed lap of the original race start. To Retire on the 1st LapAny driver who is deemed to have completed no laps on the official FIA Race Classification will be deemed winners.

Driver Position at End of 1st LapSelect a driver's position at the end of the first fully completed lap of a named Grand Prix. Team Match-UpsSettlement will be based on the team accumulating the most points at the end of a specified raceConstructor HandicapThe result will be determined by the number of points accumulated for a specified race by the two named constructors after the handicap has been applied. Driver Handicap MatchesThe result will be determined by the number of points accumulated for a specified race by the two named drivers after the handicap has been applied.

Race Driver Match-UpsAll match-ups will be settled as per the official NASCAR result. Race PropsRace props will be settled on official NASCAR results.